Get your Tikiball to the exit (black hole with green helix).

You can control the direction of your Tikiball by having it bounce of a deflector field. Draw this deflector field using your mouse.

Destroy as much blocks as you can before you enter the exit.

Your Tikiball can switch between a black and white color. Press space or up to switch.
When itís white, it can destroy black blocks and when itís black it can destroy white blocks. Blocks may need several hits to be destroyed.

In later levels you need to destroy a certain number of blocks or absorb bonus balls before the exit opens.

Bonus balls are balls with a star printed on them.
To absorb a bonus ball, you need to be the same color.

The points you score can be used to buy helpful power ups in-between levels.

Power ups:
-Tikiball lives, you get an extra life.
-Tikiball power, your Tikiball does more damage to blocks.
-Paddle size, you can draw longer deflector fields.
-Dispel, damages blocks around target. Left arrow key to use.
-Magnet, pulls Tikiball towards hand. Down arrow key to use.
-Invulnerability, feel no pain for a while. Right arrow keyto use.

Read the in-game dialogue as it will explain what else to do.

About Tiki Balls

Use your Tikiballs to lift a curse placed upon you by Tane.

Tiki Balls is an online skill game developed by Panayoti Haritatos, and has been played 78974 times on Bubblebox.com.
32% of people have voted thumbs up

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