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Think fast! How far can you get in this reflex based game? If you've played any of the Warioware games before then you will be instantly familiar with this style of game play. Rounds consist of quick microgames, each with unique and different controls. Some are physics based while others are riddles, while others you just have to be fast! How far can you get without failing?


Use your mouse and follow the onscreen instructions. Good luck!
Round 1: Level 1
Click the crate with the cross symbol to blow it up and drop the tennis ball into the basket.
Round 1: Level 2
Click on POKE when the pointing hand is by the 1st ninjas head.
Round 1: Level 3
Click all the screws to remove them. Read the code backwards from right to left, then click on the numbers below to enter the combination.
Round 2: Level 4
Click the top crate to make the platform drop down. Click the crate blocking the ball.
Round 2: Level 5
Click on the round lights until the top is RED, the middle ORANGE and the bottom GREEN.
Round 2: Level 6
Click on the blue guys to make their hats jump up. Count the number of hairs and enter the combination.
Round 3: Level 7
Click the crate blocking the ball and wait until the ball stops before removing the next crate. Remove the second crate, then when the ball starts moving remove the last crate. Drag and hold the basket in a position where you will catch the ball.
Round 3: Level 8
Drag and throw the ninja to smash all the bricks within the time limit. Round 3: Level 9 Hide Click on the monsters eyes and count the blinks.
Round 4: Level 10
Create a path for the ball to the basket by removing some of the crates. Round 4: Level 11 Hide Click fast on the bomb to make it explode.
Round 4: Level 12
Pick up the red template in the corner and make it face the right way up. Use the template on the number grid to find the combination.
Round 5: Level 13
Remove most of the crates so you only leave a right wall. Grab and swing the tennis ball, then when it slows down a little and is facing right, click the swing base to release the ball.
Round 5: Level 14
Roll over the ninjas to make them turn around. Click a ninja to select it, then click another to match them up. Round 5: Level 15 Hide Click the card to turn it over. The symbols correspond to the shape of the grid on the other side. L is top-right, Square is middle and so on.
Round 6: Level 16
Drag the left hammer to the left until its just above 90 degrees and release it. When the ball is on the left platform, click the right platform to release it and create a barrier. When the platform stops swinging, drag the right hammer until its almost upside down and release it.
Round 6: Level 17
Click the fireworks from lowest to highest. Round 6: Level 18
Rotate the circles until you find the hidden numbers and add or multiply them depending on the symbol showing.
Round 7: Level 19
Click the left crate to release the tennis ball, then quickly release the bowling ball. The bowling ball will push the tennis ball to the left. Grab and drag the red swing to catch the ball , then slowly and steadily guide it to the basket.
Round 7: Level 20
Find the 3 ninjas showing at the bottom.
Round 7: Level 21
Roll over the blue dudes until you see a hand icon. When the hand icon show up, click the creature. 3 of the blue dudes will bop down leaving 4 groups standing up. Count the number of blue dudes in each group.
Round 8: Level 22
Click the left crate then quickly click the right. You will need the right timing to fling the ball into the basket.
Round 8: Level 23
Remove the correct planks to make the number shown.
Round 8: Level 24
Pull down on the swinging numbers. Four of them will break off when pulled down. Enter the missing numbers from left to right.

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