(video walkthrough by Tasselfoot)

Foreign Creature 2: The Invasion



Scene 1: Prof Douglas Office

1. Click Foreign Creature. 2. Click man with orange hair. 3. Click keyboard on the desk. 4. Click cutter on the desk. 5. Click three men. 6. Click Foreign Creature. 7. Click a man near the door. 8. Click Foreign Creature. 9. Click a man near the door.


Scene 2: Operating Theater

1. Click blood infusion 2. Click Foreign Creature. 3. Click engine on the left. 4. Click main doctor head. 5. Click knife on the floor. 6. Click second doctor head. 7. Click CCTV. 8. Click knife on the floor.


Scene 3: Hospital Grounds

1. Click Barrel on the left.* 2. Quickly Click policeman on the left bottom* 3. Click Foreign Creature. 4. Click policeman on the right bottom. 5. Click head of truck. 6. Click dog. 7. Click policeman. 8. Click Foreign Creature head. 9. Click rat.

* must be sequence.

Scene 4: Young Couple's House

1. Click can on the table.* 2. Quickly Click TV screen.* 3. Quickly Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the left window.* 4. Click pop corn on the table. 5. Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the sofa.

* must be sequence.


Scene 5: Night Club

Wrong way:

1. Click a woman singer. 2. Click a man with hat (Foreign Creature). 3. You Failed, Restart Level.

Right way:

1. Click a woman singer. 2. Click a man near woman singer and click him again. 3. Click another man near woman singer. 4. Click a man with hat (Foreign Creature).

Both Wrong and Right ways are available to do.

Scene 6: Back Stage

1. Click a man (Foreign Creature). 2. Click a man head (Foreign Creature). 3. Click dress rack. 4. Click dead body of man.


Scene 7: Woman Singer's House

1. Click room door. 2. Click woman singer (Foreign Creature). 3. Click dog. 4. Click sofa. 5. Click one of book on the rack. 6. Click dog. 7. Click TV and click it again. 8. Click fireplace. 9. Click computer monitor. 10.Click computer keyboard. 11.Click artist's photo. 12.Click woman singer (Foreign Creature). 13.Click dining table. 14.Click refrigerator. 15.Click woman singer (Foreign Creature).



Bonus Scene #1: City Park (happened after scene 7)

1. Click 3 Foreign Creature's dogs only when they idle. 2. Click 3 people's dogs after point #1 done. 3. Click woman singer (Foreign Creature).

Bonus Scene #2: House (happened after scene 3)

1. Click rat (Foreign Creature) on the right window. 2. Click mineral water bottle near window. 3. Click empty boiler. 4. Click filled water boiler. 5. Click stove. 6. Click woman when she want to spill water in washbowl. 7. Click man and click him again. 8. Click kitchen knife. 9. Click woman.

After do that, there's 2 possible ending:

1. Ending 1: Click knife. 2. Ending 2: Click gun on the rack.

Bonus Scene #3: Foreign Creature's Evolution.

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