Bunny Invasion: Easter Special

Weapon tips:

  • If you can hold out to raise the cash for more expensive version of a weapon type, go for that one.
  • The 45 Colt is the only weapon with infinite ammo, but it needs upgrading to carry you safely through the first few levels. Buy a new weapon when you can afford it.
  • The Smith & Wesson 9mm is an automatic pistol. It may have a slower firing rate than the Colt but it will give your clicking finger a rest.
  • The Beretta 93R is a burst fire pistol. It fires 3 rounds ultra fast and then takes a while to take the next shot. It has great damage capabilities, but you need to be careful that you can handle the waiting time in between bursts.
  • The MAC-10 is the low level submachine gun. It is fully automatic and has good damage. For those trying to save money to buy a bigger and better weapon quicker, this is the choice for you. It should serve you well up to the first boss.
  • The Ruger MP9 is slightly less powerful than the MAC-10, but a faster firing rate giving you better damage per second. It also has a larger clip which will allow for a lesser reloading time and extra bunny carnage.
  • The Scorpion vz. 61 is the best submachine gun sold on eBid. It has better damage than both the MAC-10 and Ruger, along with a solid firing rate and large clip size.
  • The Mossberg 500. A standard level shotgun, but still packs a heavy punch. This baby will make mincemeat out of your enemies once fully upgraded. Be wary of its low clip capacity, as it means you will be reloading it more often.
  • The Remington 1100 is more powerful than the Mossberg with a larger clip size. If you have the extra cash, this is the one to go for.
  • The SPAS-12 is a monster, but it ainít cheap. This baby may have a slower firing rate but is automatic allowing for easy firing. This weapon is easily as powerful as the entry level assault rifle and will carry you with ease through any mid-level bunnies.
  • The AK101 is the entry level assault rifle. Good firing speed, plus good damage equals a solid weapon that will serve you well.
  • The M16 has both itís advantages and disadvantages over the AK. It may have a slower firing speed, but makes up for it with a much larger clip size and better strength.
  • The Steyr AUG is an assault rifle to be feared. With an incredible firing rate it will tear through as much bunny flesh as you let it. Donít be deterred by itís lower strength rating and price, itís the best assault rifle on the market.
  • The Sniper Rifle is a Godsend on the non-boss levels. Its bullets shoot straight through enemies and hit anything in their line of fire. It is very effective in the later waves.
  • The Grenade Launcher is strong but slow. Try to hit ground-based bunnies as flying bunnies pass overhead to take out both at the same time.
  • The Rocket Launcher fires at a faster rate than the Grenade Launcher, but has slightly less strength. The rockets are much easier to aim and take a more direct path to your enemies.
  • The Minigun is a bunny-mincing machine with no need to reload, but try to keep to short bursts of fire. If it overheats, it will become much less useful until it cools down. Try switching to another weapon for a few seconds if this becomes a problem. (The Minigun does require ammo, so make sure to stock up before a round)
  • Grenades are very useful if the pub is getting overwhelmed. You can throw several at the same time to clean up the playing field.
  • Remote Grenades are more of a tactical weapon. You can set one down to lay a trap or to use instantly when things get a little too heated.

Upgrade tips:

  • Repairing your pub is more or less essential when it is damaged, unless you have Builders and you believe you can fend the bunnies off long enough for the repairs to take effect.
  • You must Fortify your pub as you get to the later levels in case the more powerful attacks start to get through.
  • You should get at least level one of the Builders to ensure your pub is constantly healing itself.
  • Scavengers are very useful as they give you more cash per kill, but if you pool all your cash in too early then you wonít have enough to buy other equipment to effectively keep the bunnies at bay.
  • Try to get at least level one of Rage by about wave 15. Any damage you take will now feed into a meter that, once full, will enable you to shoot bullets straight through anything in your line of sight. This is very useful for taking out huge swarms of bunnies and will probably save your life at least once. Donít worry too much about levelling it unless you have spare cash.
  • The Assistant is essential. Get him as soon as possible and upgrade him as the bunnies get stronger.
  • Myxomatosis and AIDS are useful upgrades but not as essential early on. The higher the level, the stronger the disease and more bunnies will be infected. Myxomatosis is a defensive skill, causing the bunnies to take longer to get to you, and AIDS is offensive (in both meanings of the word) as the rabbits are more easily taken apart by gunfire.

Bunny tips:

  • Use Suicide Bunnies tactically by waiting until they are near their friends before blowing them up. Groups of bunnies can be taken out in one kill, saving ammo.
  • Kill Suicide Bunnies and Chick Bunnies before they can attack, or you will not get any cash for their death.
  • Watch out for Pregnant Bunnies, they may be slow but if they get in range their chocolate surprise will make a big mess.
  • The new Rab-Bot may look pretty, but once he gets close his automatic egg launcher will kill you quick.

Boss tips:

  • The Super Bunny may be wearing pants, but he is still to be feared. While airbourne he can maintain the strength to keep your bullets from hurting him. But stay strong and keep at it, and he will fall to the floor. Here he is vulnerable, so damage him hard and fast, he wonít be down for long.
  • The Bunny Man, although not a bunny at all, still deserves to be taken down as he has aligned himself with the bunny forces. He will appear amongst the wave and try and shoot your house from afar. Make a decision, either deal with the wave first and then take him out, or try and do both at once. Grenades will be highly useful in this fight as they will allow you to attack both the passing invaders as well as the boss.
  • The Easter Bunny, and with him his chocolate eggs of evil. He stands from afar, and roars at your pathetic attempts to hurt him. He has a huge amount of health and deadly attack power. He will throw his chocolate eggs to destroy your house. You must make an attempt to break the eggs before they hit you or you wonít last too long. This fight is about endurance, try to stop as many eggs from hitting you as possible and just keep on shooting. Make sure you stock up heavily on ammo.

General tips:

  • Get into the habit of healing and stocking up on ammo at the end of every round to avoid a quick death.
  • Reload at quiet moments Ė in the later levels, this is any time that youíre not on the verge of being attacked.
  • Upgrading weapons makes a big difference in the long run Ė the quicker the bunnies die, the less easy it is to get overwhelmed.
  • The assistant is the most important upgrade, closely followed by the scavengers.
  • When buying weapons, it is best to only buy one from each class, and spend any remaining cash on levelling your upgrades.
  • As the levels progress, your original weapons will eventually become useless and you will have to buy new ones.
  • Donít forget to make good use of grenades, they may be expensive at first, but can be one of the few things to turn a wave around if youíre getting beat down.
  • Have more than one save file in case you make some poor buying choices.

Boss Fight video walkthroughs:

(video walkthroughs by Tasselfoot)

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